EGU GA 2013

GeoCinema Online: The extremes

In our final instalment of GeoCinema Online, we’ve put together a collection of climate and weather documentaries covering the incredibly hot and incredibly cold, together with the extreme events that shape our planet. Settle into your sofa and enjoy some scintillating science! Fennec: Into the Saharan Cauldron The central Sahara has one of the most extreme climates on Earth, but prior to th ...[Read More]

GeoCinema Online: From evolution to extinction

Palaeontology spans many disciplines, bringing together aspects of geochemistry, sedimentology, zoology and many more to piece together the puzzles of ecosystems past. From evolution to extinction, these fantastic films take you through the science that lets us put the puzzle together – enjoy! A Foram’s Tale One way reconstructing past climates is to culture living planktonic Foraminifera an ...[Read More]

GeoCinema Online: Oceans

This week on GeoCinema Online, we’re taking a look at all things ocean, bringing what few people see straight to your desktop – or, for that matter, any other shiny viewing device you may posses! Take a dive and find out what plankton get up to in the microscopic world beyond our vision, what corals and communities lie in the cold deep and how oceanographers are working to better under ...[Read More]

GeoCinema Online: Making Measurements

Making measurements from the space and looking to the skies has hugely enhanced our understanding of the Earth, it’s surface processes and its movement in space. This short episode of GeoCinema Online takes you through some of the  great technological developments in the Earth and planetary sciences! Looking Down a Well: A Brief History of Geodesy Geodesy is a field of study that deals with ...[Read More]