EGU GA 2012

Review: 2012 General Assembly Great Debate on open science and the future of publishing

Today’s guest post comes from freelance writer Celso Gomes, who also worked at the 2012 General Assembly Press Centre. Upon admitting that he refused to knowingly associate with Elsevier for years, Cambridge’s award-winning mathematician Tim Gowers stirred a discussion of unprecedented magnitude surrounding Open Access publishing. Such public outcry has so far culminated with over 10.0 ...[Read More]

Ice on top of the world! Breakthroughs in mountain glacier research

Fresh from leading a team of UK geophysicists on a two-week campaign of seismic investigations in northern Sweden, Dr Adam Booth of Swansea University provides for us his second report from the 2012 General Assembly floor. His first post explored subglacial environments of ice sheets and glaciers.  Hi again from Vienna, and Day 3 of the EGU’s General Assembly.  Hope you’re enjoying reading the blo ...[Read More]

Stock market crash hits EGU General Assembly shocker!

Today’s guest post is the second written at the 2012 General Assembly by Michelle Cain, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. Her first covered megacities. It seems the global economic downturn is so pervasive that it has even hit the Earth sciences! I’ve been to a few talks now that have mentioned the downturn/recession/crisis/apocalypse (delete as appropri ...[Read More]

Interview: Joel Gill, founding director of Geology for Global Development (GfGD)

Geology for Global Development (GfGD) is a new UK organisation. Its vision is to inspire students and recent graduates in the geosciences to use their knowledge of the Earth to fight poverty and improve lives. Many geoscientists work on issues such as water resources, energy supply, mining, infrastructure, natural hazards and climate change. Their knowledge of this broad range of subjects mean the ...[Read More]