EGU GA 2012

Imaggeo on Mondays: Melt Stream

Supraglacial lakes are created when water forms in depressions on top of a glacier, remaining there until it dissipates by seeping through crevasses, or cracks in the ice sheet. Despite their sometimes impressive size, supraglacial lakes may drain in a matter of hours under the right conditions, when the pressure they exert on the ice causes it to crack creating a sometimes spectacular lake draini ...[Read More]

What did you like about the EGU 2012 General Assembly?

In the most recent video uploaded to EGU’s YouTube page, Sue Voice, who worked at the press office in Vienna, asks General Assembly participants what they like the most about the conference. Check out their answers in the clip below! And you, what did you like about EGU 2012?

Imaggeo on Mondays: Icy Landscape

Ice is a hazardous beauty, ephemeral in nature and, under the right conditions, capable of dominating landscapes. Earlier this year, while North America enjoyed an unusually mild winter, central and eastern Europe experienced brutal cold spells. The continent witnessed widespread freezing as cold air swept south from Siberia, claiming hundreds of lives, knocking out power supplies, and disrupting ...[Read More]

Drill cores and climate: An EGU 2012 poster presentation

In the past few weeks, we have been publishing various reports from the 2012 General Assembly, courtesy of our guest bloggers. Today, we bring you yet another report, in video format this time, produced by the lovely Sue Voice who worked at the press office in Vienna. The video features Otago University’s Christian Ohneiser talking about his PhD project. Christian tells Sue how drill cores, ...[Read More]