Sara Mynott

Fancy joining the EGU Blog Network?

The time has come to expand the EGU blog network! We currently feature blogs in palaeontology (Green Tea and Velociraptors), international development (Geology for Global Development) and geochemistry (GeoSphere) – we love them, but it simply isn’t enough. With so much great geoscience out there, we’d love to hear from more fields within the Earth, planetary and space sciences! The aim of the netw ...[Read More]

Photo competition at the EGU 2013 General Assembly

If you are pre-registered for the 2013 General Assembly (Vienna, 7—12 April), you can now submit photos and moving images to our annual competition! Winners receive a free registration to next year’s General Assembly. The fourth annual EGU photo competition is now open! Up until 26 March, every pre-registered participant of the General Assembly can submit up to two photos on any broad theme relate ...[Read More]

Become a book reviewer for the EGU newsletter!

Interested in free books and getting published? The European Geosciences Union has an opportunity for you… The Union’s newsletter, GeoQ, is a magazine distributed for free to all Union members – that’s around 12,000 scientists – and we’re looking for reviewers wiling to write short book reviews for it! Whether you are a young scientists or an established researcher in the Earth, planetary an ...[Read More]

Imaggeo on Mondays: Kalalau Valley

At over 5 million years old, the island of Kauai is the oldest island in the Hawaiian Achipelago. Hawaii, Maui and Oahu are all younger and lie further to the southeast. This island chronology is no coincidence – the Archipelago formed as a result of intra-plate volcanic activity. Intra-plate volcanism occurs where an upwelling magma plume or ‘hot spot’ lies beneath a continental plate. In this ca ...[Read More]