The Young Earth Scientists Network

Are you looking to join a global network of earth scientists? The Young Earth Scientists Network (YES Network) is an association of earth-scientists who are primarily under the age of 35 years that represent geological organisations and companies from across the world. The network has been established quite recently, in 2007, and has been running annual meetings since then. Each meeting has been h ...[Read More]

EGU Seismology Division on Facebook

The Seismology Division within EGU has launched its Facebook page. The page is public and can be viewed without having a Facebook account. The scope of this page is for the Seismology Division to reach out further to its EGU members. The page will be used to share EGU related information, feature recent papers or discussions, and to share seismology-related news. EGU members who have a Facebook ac ...[Read More]

EGU Video Competition: Communicate Your Science

Try something different this EGU General Assembly. Take the challenge and communicate your research to a wider audience and through video! Young scientists pre-registered for the EGU General Assembly are invited to take part in the EGU’s first ever Communicate Your Science Video Competition. The aim is to produce a video up-to-three-minutes long to share your research with the general public. The ...[Read More]

The unexpected seismic hazard

Public places such as airports are often designed to withstand strong earthquakes particularly in modern cities that are prone to earthquakes. When the ground shakes people have to be careful from objects falling off walls … or eagles falling from the roof! Two large eagles each having a wingspan of 15 meters and weighing 2 tonnes were suspended from the roof of Wellington Airport to promote ...[Read More]