The Continental Drift Controversy

For many, the theory of continental drift is a proven and understood concept. Few are aware that the debate has been decades-long process. A recently published, multi-volume book is re-going through the whole story on how the theory evolved, detailing the views of how scientist perceived it over time. The debate is between fixism and mobilism which the author, Henry R. Frankel, describes in a thre ...[Read More]

Feedback to EGU

The EGU General Assembly 2014 was again a great success with 4,829 oral, 9,583 poster, and 483 PICO presentations as well as 12,437 scientists attending from 106 countries. Please find more details at: A special survey has been set up to give everyone the chance to report back their feedback about this year’s EGU. For those who have not already completed the Survey plea ...[Read More]

Animation comparing earthquake magnitude and energy release

Seismologists sometimes find it hard to explain to the general public the significance of the earthquake magnitude scale with relation to the energy release. Here is a very nice animation comparing the relative energy release of some 20th and 21st century earthquakes by their moment magnitudes.

AGU journal content to be made freely available

In case you have missed the news, “Starting 1 May, all AGU journal content from 1997 to content published 24 months ago will be freely available“. Below is the announcement sent out to the AGU members. Dear Colleagues,   I am pleased to let you know that we are announcing a major step forward in making AGU research more accessible to scientists and the many sectors of the public t ...[Read More]