First International Conference of the Arabian Geosciences Union

The Arabian Geosciences Union announced the First International Conference of the Arabian Geosciences Union and general assembly to be held in Algiers, Algeria, February 17th and 18th, 2016. For full info is available on  Brochure: Information taken from: This initiat ...[Read More]

Can cloud formations predict earthquakes?

UPDATE: 28th May 2015 A new paper on this subject has recently been published on Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. The scientists examine the 2012 M 6.0 earthquake in the Po Valley of northern Italy. From inspection of 4 years of satellite images they find numerous examples of linear-cloud formations over Italy. A simple test shows no obvious statistical relationship between the occurrenc ...[Read More]

A great success

The EGU General Assembly 2015 was  a great success with 4,870 oral, 8,489 poster, and 705 PICO presentations as well as 11,837 scientists attending from 108 countries. Please find more details at: Give us feedback To help improve improve the quality of the conference  and also your experience with EGU please provide your feedback at: Upload your pre ...[Read More]

A few reminders for EGU-GA 2015

A few reminders for EGU-GA 2015

With a few more days left for the kick off of the annual European Geosciences Union General Assembly (2015) , here is a quick-list to go through in time for EGU. First, read these two pages: Sunday 12th April: The Opening Reception, 18.30-21.00 in Foyer ...[Read More]