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The publication circle

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In this and upcoming posts guest writer Kathrin Spieker will share her thoughts and experience about how to improve writing skills specifically aimed for publishing in scientific journals. Kathrin is a young seismologist who has recently started publishing her research as part of her PhD study. In this little series, I will talk about the three main parts of scientific publication. The first part ...[Read More]

Who are you? An EGU Seismology Division Visibility Survey

Who are you? An EGU Seismology Division Visibility Survey

When a PhD student publishes a new paper, of course he/she would like that other scientists will read the work. However, in a busy academic world with many institutional obligations, it might be hard to promote the work and the research you are performing. Social media and blogs, however, can play an important role in research visibility and therefore we can help you! As Early Career Scientists of ...[Read More]