Matthew Agius

Matthew Agius is a recent PhD graduate from the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in Ireland and is now doing research at the University of Southampton (National Oceanography Centre). His research focuses on the dynamics of the lithosphere beneath Tibet, the Central Mediterranean, and the Pacific Ocean. Matthew’s role as a young scientist representative is to promote the efforts done by young researchers and to engage in discussions that concern seismology students. You can reach Matthew via e-mail at

Peer review: Single-, double-blind, or open discussion

Public, blind, or not so blind review process. Image credit:

Within the scientific community, it is common practice that the peer-review process for a submitted article to a journal is kept anonymous. That is, only the journal Editor selects (and knows) who the referees are, usually three. This is also known as single-blind review. One of the main reason behind this custom is to allow the referees give genuine feedback, without fear of causing any personal ...[Read More]

Important upcoming deadlines for EGU 2016

As many return to their desks to continue on their research, take note of these imminent deadlines for the upcoming European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016. Wednesday 13th of January: EGU2016 call for papers (open until 13:00 CET). Submit your short course ideas. Early Career Scientists are encouraged to run their own short courses either as individuals or as a group. Short courses are us ...[Read More] website progress

The website focuses on the debate about whether plumes exist or not, and what other mechanisms could cause melting anomalies inside Earth.

Post-doctoral position in seismology at ICTP


Post-doctoral position in seismology is available at the Earth System Physics (ESP) section of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP). The position is funded by the GENERALI Group – a major player in the global insurance industry, in the framework of a research project integrating earthquake fault studies and simulations of the ground-motion. ICTP offers internationally comp ...[Read More]