“State of the ECS”: It’s that time of year again – EGU 22!

“State of the ECS”: It’s that time of year again – EGU 22!

Hello everyone!

Matthew here, writing this as I’m on my way to my first in-person conference in over two years. Speaking of first in-person conferences in over two years… EGU 22 is fast approaching, and the excitement is palpable! Your friendly, multi-neighbourhood EGU Seismology Division ECS Reps (bit of a mouthful) have pulled together a few thoughts on their hopes and dreams for this year’s EGU.

So whether it’s your first EGU, or you’ve been to more than the number of magnetic reversal isochrons in the Atlantic Ocean, we hope you have an amazing time, and that it enhances your research, and life, in all the ways that conferences should!



Hi all, Dinko here!

One month till EGU in person, finally! As I only recently started my PostDoc, I still don’t have any results to show. However at least that means I won’t have that last minute stress of incorporating new results into my presentation. I will again be part of the Seismology 101 course, and let me tell you, we have planned a great hour and a half for you guys. Can’t wait to see everyone face-to-face. See you all at EGU!!!





Hi all, it’s April again and you know what that means…

Cherries are blossoming in Vienna and, after 2 years of online conferences, EGU is finally back in town soon. Well, at least in it’s all-new hybrid format, which is a first step back to “the good old pre-pandemic times” when we were used to a crowded conference center, thousands of printed posters, and a week full of in-person presentations, conversations, discussions, meetings of all kind, and of course, our beloved social events! Well, it might still take some time to get back to that level, but it feels like we are on the right track. Unfortunately, I’m not going to attend the General Assembly this year. As my PhD time is coming to an end, I’ve decided to rather focus on my PhD defense. Anyways, as with every year, I have to prepare a presentation in spring… some things apparently never change…! I wish you all an interesting conference and, for those who attend in-person, a good time in beautiful Vienna!

Ciao, Eric 


Hello, well, I am one of the many PhD’s who have not yet been to a conference in-person in the course of their PhD. This it rather unfortunate, as most do agree on, since the exchange and randomness at live conferences is a valuable component in scientific advancement. Since I am not yet done with my PhD, I will hopefully be able to enjoy the benefits of a live conference before the end. EGU 2022, however, will not be the one. Due to the sudden shift of dates for the conference, it collides with a workshop on rotational seismology that I signed up for as a participant and trainer. Nevertheless, I am convinced the conference will be a great experience for many, as will our workshop, and I will see you at EGU23. Cheers, Andreas



Hey everyone, Angel here reporting from Seattle, WA! I’ll be attending the SSA Annual Meeting 2022 in the next few days, the very first in-person conference since the pandemic. I’m very excited to meet and present my work to others face to face! This should get me warmed up before the EGU this May. I’ll definitely share all my post-pandemic conference experience with you afterwards.

Speaking of EGU, we the SM ECS reps are so looking forward to meeting you all in-person and online! We’re currently preparing a weekly EGU advent calendar and some networking activities for our division. So if you haven’t followed us on FB/Twitter/Insta or joined the EGU SM slack, do it now to get the latest news and info about the upcoming activities at the GA!

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We are a team coming from mixed places with various interests: Dinko is a PostDoc at the University of Zagreb and is the first point of contact for the group. Angel is doing her DPhil at ETH Zurich in Switzerland and is managing our Instagram account. Bruna is doing her DPhill in DIAS, Dublin and takes care of our Twitter account. David is a PostDoc at the University of Lisbon and is spearheading the Campfires. Andreas is pursuing his PhD at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and is helping run the blog. William is a PhD student at the University of Southampton in the UK and is also helping with the blogs. Katinka is a PhD student at ETH Zurich and is also on the blog team. Foivos is our newest member and is a PostDoc at the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) in Bologna. Matthew is finishing up his PhD at Oxford University, UK, and is editor of the blogs.

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