Seismology Job Portal

Seismology Job Portal


On this page we regularly update open positions in Seismology. Do you have a job on offer? Contact us at

Latest open positions:


Postdoctoral position in glacier geophysics at the British Antarctic Survey (2-year appointment).


Two fully funded PhD opportunities in Earth Sciences at KAUST.


Post-doc position at Royal Observatory of Belgium in Brussels.
For any further information, you can check the EGU Job Portal:
Marina Corradini
Marina is an Italian seismologist, science communicator and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM. She currently works as a Temporary Lecturer and Research Assistant at the Institut de physique du globe de Paris, from which she received her doctoral degree in 2019. Marina is the Editor of the EGU Seismology blog. You can reach her at corradini[at]


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    Hi Marina, you might also be interested in checking the EGU Jobs Portal, if you haven’t yet. Here it is, filtered for Seismology jobs:

    • Marina Corradini

      Thank you very much Barbara! I will add the link.


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