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EGU23 Friday Highlights

Fountain of orange glowing lava above a black volcanic crater, Fagradalsfjall, Iceland, 2021

It’s Friday and after a long week of conferencing you’re now on the home straight, the final day of EGU 2023! The following are some suggestions for that last bit of GMPV content to to bring your conference to the perfect close: Kicking things off first thing in the morning, there’s a big, exciting session on Volcanic processes: tectonics, deformation, geodesy, unrest with a loads of fascinating p ...[Read More]

EGU23 Tuesday Highlights

EGU23 Tuesday Highlights

Time for the second day of EGU23! Get ready for other amazing sessions during the day! Here are some suggestions, in case you get lost looking at the program: Let’s start with the session Planetary Volcanism, Tectonics, and Seismology at 8.30 am, co-organized with TS13.1 and PS4, with talks regarding the InSight mission on Mars and the geology of other planets and satellites, as the Geologic ...[Read More]