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EGU22: Monday Highlights

EGU22: Monday Highlights

And, finally, here we go again, at EGU22!! After a long year, in person or virtually, we are sure will all attend amazing sessions.
So here there is a quick guide for the first day of GMPV at EGU22, so you will not get lost!

Let’s start in the morning with the geochemical and mineralogical study of the Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 in “Mass extinctions and major environmental changes throughout Earth history“, at 10:38 in the session Geochemical and mineralogical investigations of the Bonarelli level (Gubbio, Italy): evidence of Hg anomalies. Here, the authors measure the absolute Hg concentrations with XRD, showing the presence of oxidized and reduced S-bearing minerals, a good candidate to host the Hg from extensive volcanic eruptions.

To continue our EGU morning, it’s time for one of the most-watched volcanic eruptions of 2022, the Hunga-Tonga (“Late-breaking session: The 15 January 2022 Hunga Tonga Volcanic Eruption – Observation, Understanding and Impact of large explosive volcanic eruptions“). At 11:19 you can hear about how the tsunami generated by the massive explosion impacted the entire Globe Ocean, and not only the Pacific Ocean! (The global reach of the 2022 Tonga volcanic eruption).

In the afternoon, we can conclude at 14:33 with “Structural, mineralogical and petrophysical characterization of the hydrothermal system in Saint-Kitts Island (Lesser Antilles)“, during the session “”.Volcanic hydrothermal systems and hydrothermal alteration Here we can discover more about the Sain-Kitts Island, and its active hydrothermal system. In particular, the alterations of fluids with host rock allowed the authors to better understand the water resource’s geothermal potential on the island.

Besides the sessions and intense program this year, stay with your ears open because we will organize pop-up networking events during the week!

Enjoy the rest of the week, more amazing sessions are yet to come.

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Simona Gabrielli is a geophysicist working on attenuation tomography and surficial geology interactions in volcanic settings (e.g. Mount St. Helens)

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