Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology

EGU GMPV Campfires 2022

EGU GMPV Campfires 2022

The GMPV Campfires are back this year with a new schedule of fascinating online talks and discussions! 

We thank everyone for presenting their research and for attending our talks so far. If you have any suggestions, please, take a moment to fill in this very quick feedback form.

Please see the following dates for our exciting new events in 2022.

    1. April 2022: General format (Four speakers) – Geochemistry
    2. July 2022: General format (Four speakers) – Mineralogy
    3. September 2022: General format (Four speakers) – Petrology
    4. November 2022: General format (Four speakers) – Volcanology

If you would like to give a live GMPV ECS talk in one of these sessions, please sign up using this Google form

Researchers who have already signed up will be contacted as soon as we schedule a suitable date for them.

No matter what career stage you are at, we want to hear about your science!


Giulia Consuma (The University of Western Australia); Eric Newland (University of Cambridge, UK); Marco Knüver (University of Bari, Italy); Jacqueline Grech Licari (University of Iceland).

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