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We are upgrading the GMPV blog!!

We are upgrading the GMPV blog!!

We are looking back to almost 4 years of GMPV blog history which covered a wide range of very interesting GMPV related topics from how experiments can help to understand volcanic eruptions to what role GMPV scientists can play in sustainable development. Within the last year, however, our blog team grew significantly (you can see part of our members here) allowing us to restructure the blog a little!

Starting from this week, we will post a brand new blog post every second Wednesday. We will explore a variety of GMPV topics which will, among others, shed some light on the complexities of oxygen fugacity, we will talk about the relation of minerals, volcanoes and wine and will point out some great places you shouldn’t miss on your next fieldtrip! We will also explore some volcanoes and how some of the best know recent eruptions affected the population around them. Of course our new blog series on sustainability and diversity will both be continued in the future. In addition to this we will also launch a new blog series – the Must-read papers. Here we will summarize some of the most fundamental papers out of the 4 GMPV disciplines (if you want to recommend your favorite papers feel free to do so here).

All in all, we have an exciting year coming up with some great blog posts scheduled throughout the whole year! If you don’t want to miss one of our posts you can subscribe to our mailing list so that you get a notification whenever a new post comes up!

If you want to share your science on our blog or have new ideas for post in the future, we are happy to hear from you! Just send us a mail here.

Franziska Keller is PhD student at the Institute for Geochemistry and Petrology, at ETH Zürich. Her current work focuses on the understanding of long-term petrological cycles in silicic calderas of Japan applying different petrological and geochronological techniques.

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