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EGU – realm and maze?

– written by Micha Dietze, Annegret Larsen (both GM Early Career Representatives), and Anouk Beniest (EGU TS Early Career Representative) – An interview with the Susanne Buiter, the current chair of the EGU Programme Committee Susanne Buiter is senior scientist and team leader at the Solid Earth Geology Team at the Geological Survey of Norway. She is also the chair of the EGU Programme ...[Read More]

A geomorphologist’s winter refuge

– written by Michael Dietze, GFZ Potsdam – Why Swedish, Finnish and German geomorphologists meet in the boreal zone to drill holes into icy rivers and frozen ground. There are many ways to counter the lazy days between Christmas and the EGU meeting. One of the more promising ones is this: think of doing collaborative field work in February, in northern Sweden, on and around a frozen ri ...[Read More]

Do glaciers really do all the work? Perhaps not.

Kerry Leith from the Engineering Geology Department at the ETH Zürich set up a post on their latest publication and the backstory behind it. As they announced on their own website ( review comments ranged from “mediocre or poor” to “[…] provocative, potentially revolutionary (if correct) analysis”. It surely contains interesting thoughts. – ...[Read More]

50% Professorship = More time for family and science

50% Professorship = More time for family and science

Annegret Larsen had the fantastic idea to encourage her colleague Pascal Egli, both from the University of Lausanne, to explore the nature of a shared professorship. Pascal took the chance and interviewed Professor Martin Hoelzle  at the Swiss Geoscience meeting in November 2017. Professor Martin Hoelzle is a Geomorphologist/Glaciologist at University of Fribourg (Switzerland). He is also one of v ...[Read More]