LANDSCAPE LIVE Seminar Upcoming Talks

LANDSCAPE LIVE Seminar Upcoming Talks

Spring and the new Landscape Live weekly online seminar series are just starting. It is freely accessible to the international scientific community covering a wide range of geomorphological topics. The weekly meeting is on Thursday at 4 pm (CET/CEST). Over the last few years, Landscape Live became a key pillar for the virtual activist of teh Geomorphology (GM) division of the EGU. Now, Landscape Live expands the interaction with speakers even more! By joining the Landscape Live discord server, one can interact with the guest speaker during and after their talks. The lineup for this spring is as follows

23 March – Wolfgang Schwanghart on Trouble with transience – the (shared) stream power model in rejuvenating landscapes

30 March – Erin Seagren on Fluvial erosion, drainage reorganisation, and the evolution of the Puna Plateau

April – break

4 May – Isaac Larsen

11 May – Guillaume Jouvet

18 May – Vjeran Visnjevic

25 May – Jorge Lorenzo-trueba

1 June – Duna Roda-Boluda

8 June – Gregory Ruetenik

15 June – Daniel Pfeifer

22 June – Vivi K. Pedersen

So, if you want to kick off your spring semester with fresh topics on geomorphology, click the link ( and register for the talk of your liking. Be warned states are limited.

Organizer: Daniel Pfeiffer

Post by: Romano Clementucci and Gerald Raab, members of the ECS team

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  1. This was a great seminar and enjoyed it very much. So much to take in and I learned a lot. Can’t wait for more!

    John Cedar


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