Climate: Past, Present & Future

Diana Hatzenbühler

I am a German PhD student in geology/sedimentology and my PhD studies are part of the WWTF funded project “From Romans to the Anthropocene, from Carnuntum to Vienna: An Urban Anthropocene Field Lab (WWTF ESR20-027)”. For my project I want to to understand the anthropogenic impact of the metropolis Vienna on the area downstream of the city, the Nationalpark Donau-Auen, with the aim to disentangle the anthropogenic fingerprint in the natural sediments. One special aspect of my research is the application of the bomb spike for Plutonium and Americium from the nuclear weapon tests for dating of sediments.

Why would anyone care about an ‘Anthropocene’?

Welcome to the Anthropocene By: Robyn Woolston

– A debate among scientists and its impact on us The epoch of humans (and their obvious intervention in the Earth system) In order to understand what the ‘Anthropocene’ means for us, we need to define first what it actually is. This poses a rather complex question in itself, as various disciplines have given the term rather different and alternative definitions. For instance, the public medi ...[Read More]