Climate: Past, Present & Future

Kathryn Adamson

Kathryn Adamson is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research is focused on Quaternary environmental change. She is especially interested in the response of glaciers and river systems to long-term climate change. Her field locations currently include the Mediterranean, Greenland, Iceland, and Norway.

Defrosting the freezer. Climate change and glacial meltwater

Defrosting the freezer. Climate change and glacial meltwater

 Why are glaciers important? Glaciers cover around 10% of the global land surface. This includes the large ice sheets (e.g. in Greenland and Antarctica) as well as smaller ice caps and valley glaciers (e.g. in Iceland, Norway and New Zealand). Figure 1 shows the current distribution of glaciers around the world. Figure 1 – The global distribution of glaciers around the world from the GLIMS glacier ...[Read More]

EGU, Vienna 2015: the round-up

EGU by numbers In April, the EGU returned to Vienna for their annual Congress meeting. Over 11,837 scientists from 108 countries descended in the Vienna International Centre for the six-day conference. Delegates enjoyed over 4,870 oral presentations, 8,489 posters, and 705 PICO presentations. That’s a lot of science!   Science and ice cream for everyone! As always, the EGU were excellen ...[Read More]