About VolcanicDegassing

VolcanincDegassing blog is mainly about volcanoes and volcanic activity. Some of the posts relate to the author’s own field work, or are related to ongoing projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, Ethiopia and Europe. Other posts relate to historical or contemporary descriptions or other representations of volcanic activity.

About David

David Pyle is a volcanologist, and Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford. His first encounter with volcanoes was at the age of 7, when he visited Villarrica, Chile, shortly after an eruption. David studied geological sciences at the University of Cambridge, and later completed a PhD on the ‘older’ eruptions of Santorini, Greece. After a short post-doc at the California Institute of Technology, David returned to a lectureship in Cambridge. In 2006, he moved to his current post in Oxford. In 2017, David curated an exhibition on volcanoes in Oxford; the book accompanying the exhibition is available for sale through Bodleian Publishing, or the University of Chicago Press.

David tweets as @davidmpyle.

Banner image credits: A panorama looking across the ice-filled summit caldera of Sollipulli volcano, Chile. The cliffs in the foreground mark the southerly margin of the Sollipulli caldera, and include a prominent set of volcanic rocks erupted in contact with ice. Background peaks include volcan Lanin (left) and Quetrupillan (centre). The faint smudge across the sky is the pollution trail from volcan Villarrica; Author: David Pyle.

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