Geology for Global Development


GfGD Annual Report 2018

Our 2018 Annual Report highlights our achievements last year, how these link with our strategy, and presents an overview of our finances. We had many exciting opportunities in 2018 to influence the global sustainable development agenda and represent geoscience in places where it otherwise would not have been included. For example, we contributed a commissioned paper to the 2nd International Commis ...[Read More]

Guest Blog: Geoscience’s Role In Addressing Fluorosis In Tanzania

Megan Jamer is a geoscientist from Canada, and an avid cyclist and explorer. Megan is currently travelling around East Africa on bicycle, taking in some remarkable sites and observing first hand the relationship between geoscience and sustainable development. Megan has previously written about agroforestry, landslides, and disaster risk reduction in Rwanda. Her travels have since taken her to Tanz ...[Read More]

Friday Photo (127) – Slow Water Collection, Tanzania

Water Collection – Chato District, Tanzania Some of these women and children in Tanzania had been waiting at these small holes for 5 hours for enough water to seep through the ground to fill their buckets. Understanding enough geoscience to consider (i) changing groundwater levels at different times of the year and (ii) different geological material permeabilities, could have helped remove t ...[Read More]

GfGD in Tanzania (2) – Monitoring Water Projects

In our post yesterday I discussed the upcoming YES Congress and 25th Colloquium of African Geology in Dar es Salaam (1 – on the map), and introduced the way in which GfGD will be contributing. Following these conferences I will be travelling the 1000+ km distance to Mwanza – a key Tanzanian town on the edge of Lake Victoria, and then proceeding (by boat and car) to Chato (2 – on ...[Read More]