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Chinese-African Partnerships: Impact in the Mining Industry

China has boosted its aid contribution to the African continent. Whilst the total is still low compared with the US aid budget, the trend signifies a wider partnership between the two giants. In the UK, international aid is mainly spent on protecting our national interests. China is emerging as an economic superpower and as a major aid donor, and this raises the question – what interest does ...[Read More]

Natural Resources: our Responsibility?

Last week I discussed the inherent problems associated with the extraction industry. Now I ask, do companies and governments play a role in exacerbating these problems? Although I manage the GfGD blog, in this instance I am blogging in a personal capacity, and the views expressed are my own, and not policy positions of GfGD as a whole. GfGD is an organisation with members from multiple backgrounds ...[Read More]

China: The Future Looks Bright…

China, one of the largest and most populated countries on Earth, is emerging as an economic superpower. More and more frequently, emerging economies are choosing to peg their currency to the Yuan, rather than the US dollar. Their success is built on a strong research and development sector. Having just come under new leadership, China is entering an exciting decade. On a recent trip to Xuzhou city ...[Read More]