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Friday Photo (126) – Nyoma Residential School (Ladakh)

GfGD, IERT (University of Jammu), and Teachers/Students from Nyoma Residential School A post-teaching photograph in the heart of the Indian Himalayas, with the Indus River in the background. Students had recently undertaken a one-day course on glaciers and climate change, landslides and earthquakes. Read more about the project in a collection of posts with this tag. Credit: Geology for Global Deve ...[Read More]

Guest Blog: Groundwater Quality Management in Rural Uttar Pradesh, India

Donald John MacAllister, serves on the Executive Committee of Geology for Global Development. He is currently leading the Hazard Factsheet project. Donald John is a PhD student at Imperial College London and is researching the application of self-potential monitoring to seawater intrusion problems in coastal aquifers. He has a BSc in Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc in Commun ...[Read More]

Help us Teach Hazards in the Himalayas

Geology for Global Development are involved in an international project on Sustainable Resource Development of the Himalaya (see, which will cumulate in the delivery of a students’ programme in Ladakh, India, in June 2014. The programme will include lessons on resources, climate, earthquakes and landslides. GfGD have particular responsibility for delivering the ...[Read More]

Guest Blog: The Influence of Himalayan Geology

Amber Madden-Nadeau is studying Geology at Imperial College London. Amber recently wrote a report on the geology of the Himalayas, with a focus on the Ladakh region, as part of our hazards education project. Here, Amber summarises the important aspects of Himalayan geology and the influence they have on people’s lives.    The Himalaya mountain range stretches over 2500km, influencing th ...[Read More]