Geology for Global Development


Environmental Symphonies

Environmental Symphonies

Unlike the more typical content, this blog post does not consider our earth’s environment as a challenge to overcome, or a risk, but guides us in using its landscape as a mental resource. Join Cecilia in her reflections on the landscape of Mount Fuji and let her help you to access the wonders of nature indoors. Take a moment to think about a piece of artwork that speaks to you. A piece that ...[Read More]

Speleology and local development

Križna jama cave, in Slovenia

Many of us seek adventures, new experiences and sights in far flung places, but very often there are beautiful wonders right on our doorstep. In today’s post, Barbara Zambelli Azevedo highlights how the promotion of local geological regions can be a valuable and effective way to encourage development and instil a sense of pride in local communities.  Plato said in the Allegory of the Cave th ...[Read More]

Back to Basics – Geology and International Development (Part 2/4)

How can an understanding of geology support and strengthen international development? #4 – Geotourism. Many geological features carry enormous value, not just in terms of their scientific importance, but also as an attraction to domestic and international visitors. Unusual rock formations, key geomorphic features, volcanic landscapes etc are all destinations that may help countries generate ...[Read More]