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#GfGDcomp: Communicating Research Through Twitter and Blogs

GfGD encourages geoscientists to communicate science to the wider community, and we hope to help young geoscientists develop the necessary communication skills to do this. The use of social media, such as twitter, facebook and blogs, makes it a lot easier to reach out to a diverse range of people living in many different countries. We asked you ‘what are the benefits of communicating your re ...[Read More]

Some Comments on Recent Earthquakes in Iran

In this article, Joel Gill and Faith Taylor write about the importance of reducing individual and community vulnerability in Iran. This post is written in response to the recent earthquakes in April 2013, and an article posted in the Guardian in 2010. In addition to their GfGD responsibilities, Joel and Faith are undertaking PhD research at King’s College London – investigating specifi ...[Read More]

Interview: Jonathan Amos, BBC Science Correspondent

Jonathan Amos has been working as a science specialist for the BBC since 1994, and has won major awards for his online science reporting. He attended the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2013 to write about the latest geoscience research and we saw some really popular stories emerging as a result of his reporting.  We spoke to Jonathan about science communication. c Should scientists le ...[Read More]

GfGD at #EGU2013: Day four

Our fourth day at EGU 2013, and not running low on energy (although pretty high on caffeine!). With the panel discussion on the use of blogs and social media in scientific research, our interview with the BBC science correspondent about science communication, and our #gfgdcomp question competition: communication is most definitely the theme of the day. Joel Gill, GfGD Director, gave a talk today a ...[Read More]