Geology for Global Development

Bárbara Zambelli Azevedo

Bárbara Zambelli Azevedo: Access​ ​to​ ​clean​ ​water,​ ​gender​ ​equality​ ​and​ ​geosciences

The importance of access to safe drinking water in our lives is quite obvious. Although its relation with gender equality and sustainable development may be less so. In this article, Bárbara Zambelli Azevedo explores the relationship between the two and discusses what geoscientists can do to improve the situation. In 2017, according to the WHO, over 2.1 billion people still don’t have access to sa ...[Read More]

Bárbara Zambelli Azevedo: Urban Geology and Underground Urbanisation

Today is World Cities Day, and the week of our annual conference exploring the role of geoscience in sustainable cities. To mark these events, our newest contributor, Bárbara, writes on urban geology and underground urbanisation. Underground urbanisation is not a brand new topic, it has been discussed for more than 100 hundred years! But, why is it important to think about underground urbanisation ...[Read More]

Introducing Our New Authors (4) – Bárbara Zambelli Azevedo

We’ve been introducing you to a couple of new faces on the GfGD blog, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives on topics relating to geoscience and sustainable development. We’re delighted to have their input, and look forward to their posts. Today we interview the final of our four new recruits, Bárbara Zambelli Azevedo. Hello! Could you introduce yourself? I finished my graduation in Geological Eng ...[Read More]