Geology for Global Development

Going to This Year’s AGU Meeting?

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) convenes this week for their 45th annual fall meeting – the world’s largest international gathering of Earth scientists. Geoscientists from all around the world will be sharing their latest research and catching up with colleagues from other institutions.

There will be plenty of talks relevant to GfGD. We’ve picked our highlights from the schedule:

Tuesday 4th:

U22B Communicating Geohazard Risk Assessments: Lessons Learned From the Verdicts in the L”Aquila Earthquake Case

U24A Challenges and Opportunities for Energy and Resource Recovery

Wednesday 5th:

U33A Unsolved and Emerging Problems in Water

Thursday 6th:

U41A Electricity, Water, and Climate

U42A Fossil Fuel Production, Economic Growth, and Climate Change

All of these sessions are designed to be accessible to geoscientists from all backgrounds.


We invite you to guest blog for us from AGU [email]. We would be interested to hear short summaries of relevant talks or more in depth discussions about topics that particularly interest you. Photos are also welcome!

Rosalie was the Himalayas Programme Officer for Geology for Global Development and writer for the GfGD blog. She is a geochemist and a postdoc at the University of Oxford.