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Geology Photo of the Week #13 – Nov 25-Dec 1

So the 13th photo of the week is this sweet as pic of boiling mud from New Zealand’s North Island. Both photos were taken by me in July of 2009. I had to stand at the ready for quite a while to try and get good pictures of the bubbles bursting and there were many failed attempts. On the whole I think I did pretty well.

(Photo: Matt Herod)

(Photo: Matt Herod)

Hope you like them! By the way, stay tuned for some an awesome guest post later this week.



Matt Herod is a Ph.D Candidate in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada. His research focuses on the geochemistry of iodine and the radioactive isotope iodine-129. His work involves characterizing the cycle and sources of 129I in the Canadian Arctic and applying this to long term radioactive waste disposal and the effect of Fukushima fallout. His project includes field work and lab work at the André E. Lalonde 3MV AMS Laboratory. Matt blogs about any topic in geology that interests him, and attempts to make these topics understandable to everyone. Tweets as @GeoHerod.

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  1. It is indeed difficult to get a good picture of bubbling, boiling mud pots!

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