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Some handy tips towards stress-free PhD completion…

Some handy tips towards stress-free PhD completion…

Laura and I both submitted our theses at the end of September after four years of intense work. We felt there’d be some value (nostalgic to ourselves, hopefully useful to others) in putting together some tips of our own now that we can look back on our achievements.

There are loads of brilliantly-written and extremely useful posts providing advice on the pastoral side of undertaking a PhD, such as developing your relationship with your supervisor and tips for improving your scientific writing. Laura put together a comprehensive series of posts entitled ‘making the post of your PhD’ earlier this year on our blog: here, here and here, and I wrote a piece describing my first experiences of submitting a paper for peer-review and being invited to review my first paper.

So this is the first of a series that aims to offer more specific pieces of advice hopefully relevant to PhD students at any stage of their research:

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