Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Charly Stamper

Charly completed a PhD in experimental petrology. She used to make pretend volcanoes; now she works in renewable energy. Charly tweets at @C_Stamper.

PhD profile #6 – Sorcha McMahon

SorchaBodyShotSorcha McMahon – 3rd year PhD student

New insights into deep mantle melts and the carbonatite-meliliitite connection

1) The Twitter challenge: Your PhD in 140 characters

Investigating how strange igneous rocks called carbonatites may have formed, using both natural samples and high-pressure experiments [Read More]

Feeling blue: A lesson in perseverance

Mel Auker is a PhD student in the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol and is a regular contributor to Between a rock and hard place. In her own words, she’s an “applied mathematician bumbling my way through a geology PhD”. Here she provides us all with some Monday afternoon inspiration. Read the Original BBC article or watch the BBC interview with Peter Harrison.

I think a lot of PhD time is spent searching, either literally or metaphorically; everything from inspiration on a Monday morning to melt inclusions on the SEM late on a Friday afternoon. In the grand scheme of things though, these searches are short and you get your PhD wrapped up within three to four years.

Can you imagine, then, hunting for something for 68 years?

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