Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Christmas cracker jokes 2014


Q:Why didn’t the geologist want his Christmas dinner?
A: He lost his apatite.

Q: Who did Santa bring along to perform at the Earth Sciences Christmas party?
A: Elf-is Presley!

Q: What is Father Christmas’s favourite element?
A: Holmium (Ho Ho Ho!)

Q: What happened to Rudolph when he accidentally ate clay?
A: He got illite.

Q: Why are advent calendars like the dinosaurs?
A: Because their days were numbered!

Q: Why aren’t there any single geologists at Christmas parties?
A: They will date anything!

Merry Christmas from Team BaR! See you in 2014.

P.S If you thought these were bad, have a look at last year’s!

Charly completed a PhD in experimental petrology. She used to make pretend volcanoes; now she works in renewable energy. Charly tweets at @C_Stamper.