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About Four Degrees

Four Degrees explores issues in environmental geoscience published in the scientific literature, discussed in the political chamber and found in the media, and examines policy themes from an inter-disciplinary perspective. We discuss four degrees of geoscience: environmental geochemistry, climate change, policy and sustainability; and bring together ideas and concepts from these fields at the interface between science and society. In November 2012, the World Bank published a report outlining the risks of a four degrees warmer world. The report, based on a review of the recent scientific literature, summarised the likely devastating impacts on the world, and particularly on developing nations, of such a warming. With the international community pledging to keep average warming below 2°C, the more extreme scenarios could yet be avoided if appropriate action is taken.

About the writers

Flo is a Policy Assistant at The Geological Society with experience and interests in Water Geochemistry and Environmental Geoscience. She helps to promote the Environment Network and interdisciplinary approaches to geological problems and policy issues. Tweets as @flo_dem.

Marion is a postdoctoral researcher at Imperial College London, embarking on a science communication career and about to start an MSc in Science Communication. She holds a PhD in Paleoclimatology and Environmental Geochemistry and has worked in China as a climate modeller. She is particularly interested in climate change research and environmental policy. Tweets as @mle_marion.

Banner image credits: Glen Canyon Dam MC; Author: Christian Mehlführer; Source: Wikimedia Commons.

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