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100 years since we learned dinosaurs laid eggs, what do we know now?

100 years since we learned dinosaurs laid eggs, what do we know now?

In July 1923, 100 years ago this month, scientists and explorers made an extraordinary discovery that forever changed our view of dinosaurs. An expedition to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia unearthed fossilized dinosaur eggs, in a nest, confirming that dinosaurs laid eggs like the reptiles that scientists at the time thought dinosaurs were. The find was announced in newspapers at the time, to much fan ...[Read More]

Introducing the new EGU Bloggers!

Since it started, the EGU Blog Network has had great coverage of geochemistry, palaeontology and geoscience in global development, but what about the other fields in the geosciences? Well, over the past couple of months we’ve been seeking out some fantastic Earth science bloggers who are keen to share their knowledge, experiences and the latest research in their fields with you. They’ve put togeth ...[Read More]

Fancy joining the EGU Blog Network?

The time has come to expand the EGU blog network! We currently feature blogs in palaeontology (Green Tea and Velociraptors), international development (Geology for Global Development) and geochemistry (GeoSphere) – we love them, but it simply isn’t enough. With so much great geoscience out there, we’d love to hear from more fields within the Earth, planetary and space sciences! The aim of the netw ...[Read More]