GIFT at EGU GA 2011

GIFT at EGU GA 2011 elebrates 200 years since the birth of Charles Darwin and 150 years after publication of “The Origin of Species” with a GIFT workshop on “Evolution and Biodiversity”. The programme can be found online at the EGU GA 2011 site. The EGU Geosciences Information For Teachers (GIFT) Programme offers teachers of elementary to high school the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge in g ...[Read More]

On-Site Registration at EGU GA 2011

Participants are welcome to register on-site at the counters located in Hall Z of the congress centre. The counters are open: Sunday, 03 April 2011                                 12:00–20:00 Monday– Thursday, 04 – 07 April 2011         08:00–19:00 Friday, 08 April 2011                                   08:00–13:00 The pre-registration using lower pre-registration rates has expired on 28 Feb. Howe ...[Read More]

GeoCinema@EGU General Assembly 2011

The GeoCinema is running for a second year at the General Assembly with over 40 films being shown. The GeoCinema programme is online at the meeting site and a pdf with details of the films is available. The GeoCinema is held in the GeoCinema room on the Yellow (Ground Floor) level (pdf floorplan), which is on your left as you enter the main entrance.   Monday, 04 Apr 2011 10:30–10:45 Inspecti ...[Read More]

Petrified Wood Exhibit at EGU GA 2011

This year at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly there will be an exhibit of petrified wood. It is located in Poster Hall Y of area XY near to the entrances to rooms 10 and 11 on the Blue (Basement) level, a pdf plan can be found here. The exhibition organiser Peter Huber will be at the exhibit each day from 17:30 to 19:00. Preview images can be found on Peter Huber’s Facebook Al ...[Read More]