EGU Presentation Planning

According to twitter (#egu2010) I’m not the only person who has been working on posters for the General Assembly this week. The guidelines for authors can be found on the EGU GA 2010 website for oral and poster presentations. The key take away points are that its 12 minutes plus 3 for questions for oral presentations. Posters are landscape orientation (i.e. longer than they are tall), and go ...[Read More]

The EGU is Multilogue

This year at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly there’s more formal engagement with social media than in previous years. Blogging There’s an official blog (that you’ve already found!). This will contain a mixture of information about the General Assembly, highlight particular sessions, and news, amongst other things. Ideas for contributions are welcome, let us know i ...[Read More]

Hints, tips and advice about EGU General Assembly participation

The first time I visited the EGU General Assembly I would have been lost without hints and tips from colleagues who had been to previous General Assemblies. We’re looking to put together some tips/hints/advice for participants at the EGU General Assembly in 2010, particularly for first time participants. What tips and hints do you have that would be useful for fellow participants at EGU in V ...[Read More]

EGU 2010: 31 March is last day for pre-registration and photo competition entries

[Updated 1 April] A quick note to let you know of some key deadlines that fall on the 31 March 2010. (a) Today is the deadline for pre-registration rates for the EGU 2010 General Assembly: Pre -Registration is no-longer available. On-site registration will be available at the following times: Sunday, 02 May 2010 12:00–20:00 Monday – Thursday, 03 – 06 May 2010 08:00–19:00 Friday, 07 May 2010 08:00– ...[Read More]