Research Viewpoints from EGU GA 2011 (2)

This year on the EGU General Assembly blog there will be guest posts from participants about their research and their impressions of sessions. These are personal points of view not EGU corporate views. If you would like to contribute a research viewpoint, please email us. This Research Perspective comes from Luís Costa, a PhD student at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. He will pr ...[Read More]

Tuesday at EGU GA 2011

We hope you had a good first day at the European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2011, whether you’re here in person or following online via the webstream. Some union wide events happening at the EGU GA 2011 on Tuesday 5 April. 13:30–15:10 Union Symposium. The Future of Water Cycle Earth Observing Systems, Room D [Webstream] This Union Session will explore visions on new water cycle observ ...[Read More]

The EGU Booth

The EGU Booth is in Booth 01 of Exhibition on the Yellow Level (Ground Floor) (pdf map) it’s directly in front of you as you come in the Main Entrance to the Conference Venue. The EGU Booth is the location for Meet EGU where you can meet Division Presidents. Merchandise is for sale at the booth including adult polo shirts, adult and child t-shirts, EGU General Assembly 2011 mugs. You can pic ...[Read More]