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By Jennifer Holden

Presenting at EGU 2010

Quite a few of the search engine terms that result in people coming to this blog involve presenting at EGU. This post will outline what’s available in the presentation rooms, pointing you to the appropriate pages on the EGU GA 2010 website.

Oral Presentations
The guidelines for oral presentations online. The link includes the equipment available in each room (laptop, beamer, microphone, laser pointer, ability to hook up your own laptop etc.). Oral presentations this year are only in time blocks 1 to 4 and in most cases are 12 minutes long with 3 minutes for questions. Please be in the presentation room in the half hour before the time block starts so your presentation can be uploaded onto the provided laptop or so you can connect your laptop up to the system.

Poster Presentations
There are guidelines available for poster presentations. Posters should be put up between 08:00 and 08:30 in the morning. Tape is available from the student assistants in the halls. You will have been sent your poster location (e.g. XY0439) in an email from EGU and it is listed online in the Session Programme details. You can locate the exact location of your poster using the online floor plans. At the end of each day, the student assistants carefully remove posters and put them in storage bins in the poster halls. These are labelled by day so you can retrieve your poster if you wish. If your poster is participating in the YSOPP, please print and display the YSOPP label and put it up with your poster.

The author in attendance time will have been sent to you. In some divisions this will be time block 5 for all posters, in other divisions it may any of the five time blocks. This year at the General Assembly time block 5 (17:30-19:00) has been reserved solely for posters (except on Friday).

Some sessions may have a poster walk through (in some cases this will be noted in the session details). This is where poster authors have a short amount of time to summarise their poster and find out more about other posters in their session. Other sessions will have a scheduled Poster Summary and Discussion session (a list of them can be found here). These may involve poster summaries and/or discussion points dependent on the session.

Chairpersons and Convenors
Guidelines for Chairpersons and Convernors are available at the EGU website.

Time Blocks
Timetabling at the General Assembly is in five time blocks as follows:
TB1 08:30–10:00
TB2 10:30–12:00
TB3 13:30–15:00
TB4 15:30–17:00
TB5 17:30–19:00

There is free tea and coffee available in the poster halls in the breaks between TB1&TB2 and TB3&TB4.

By Jennifer Holden

Navigating your way around the General Assembly

Floorplans of the Austria Center Vienna are included in the information & schedules book that you receive during on-site registration. If you want to acquaint yourself with the layout of rooms and exhibits at EGU 2010 in advance, the Floor Plans are available online. On this page you can also find detailed plans, including numerical locations for Poster Areas Hall X, Hall XL, Hall Y, Hall Z, Area BG and Hall A. On -site registration takes place in Hall Z.

New areas this year include Poster Hall XL on the Blue Level – Basement and the Jobs & Education Market in Hall X, also on the Blue Level – Basement. More information about the Jobs & Education Market, including how to post jobs or CVs online and at EGU 2010 can be found at the EGU website Jobs & Education Market section.

By Jennifer Holden

Creating your Personal Meeting Programme

Looking forward to the General Assembly starting on 2 May in Vienna, you can create a personal meeting programme at the EGU 2010 website. You need your Copernicus ID to login (its a numerical user name), then you can print, store to later modify or email yourself sessions and presentations of particular interest to you. The search facility will bring up your search term in session titles, abstract titles and the body of abstracts.

Something to note is that the order of items in the list of Programme Groups has changed a little. Information about new events such as Geocinema and Meet EGU are online, and will be highlighted on this blog in the coming days.

By Jennifer Holden