The EGU Booth

The EGU Booth is in Booth 01 of Exhibition on the Yellow Level (Ground Floor) (pdf map) it’s directly in front of you as you come in the Main Entrance to the Conference Venue.

The EGU Booth is the location for Meet EGU where you can meet Division Presidents.

Merchandise is for sale at the booth including adult polo shirts, adult and child t-shirts, EGU General Assembly 2011 mugs. You can pick up free 3D rulers, pens, stickers, bags and postcards at the EGU Booth. The postcards (three designs) are the winners of the 2010 Photo Competition. Place your written postcards in the box near the EGU Information point and they will be posted for you (you don’t need to buy stamps).

Quick reminder of Author Guidelines at EGU GA 2011

The guidelines for authors can be found on the EGU General Assembly Guidelines page and are reproduced below.

Oral presentations are organized in oral sessions scheduled in specific lecture rooms given in the programme together with the time of presentation of each contribution including discussion and change over. The oral sessions are scheduled in four time blocks per day, each time block with 90 minutes. Please note that the duration given to your oral presentation includes 3 min. for questions and discussion, e.g. a 15 min. talk should be 12 min. actual presentation + 3 min. discussion.

The oral presentations are not organized centrally. Therefore, the authors are kindly asked to upload their presentations directly in the respective lecture room within 30 minutes preceding the actual time block of the session starts. A lecture room assistant will be available for any help.

It is strictly prohibited to take photos and/or copies from notebooks of any scientific material without the expressed permission by the authors.

Imaggeo on Mondays: Loose Tooth Rift

Loose Tooth Rift, Amery Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Loose Tooth Rift, Amery Ice Shelf, Antarctica

A helicopter view of the actively growing “Loose Tooth” rift system near the edge of the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica; this branch of the rift was over 20 km long when the photo was taken on 31 December 2006. Photo Credit: James Behrens.

Image submitted by John Orcutt, distributed by EGU under a Creative Commons Licence.

Imaggeo is the online open access geosciences image repository of the European Geosciences Union. Every geoscientist who is an amateur photographer (but also other people) can submit their images to this repository. Being open access, it can be used by scientists for their presentations or publications as well as by the press. If you submit your images to imaggeo, you retain full rights of use, since they are licenced and distributed by EGU under a Creative Commons licence