EGU GA 2011 Union Award Ceremony

New at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011 is an official Awards Ceremony where all the medal and award winners across the Union are honoured (session details). It will also be Webstreamed.

Please come join us at the EGU 2011 Award Ceremony which will take place on Wednesday 6 April, 17:30-20:00, Room D (Blue Level, basement). We will first recognize on stage all Division Outstanding Young Scientist Awardees and Division Medallist.

Then, Union Service Awards, Arne Richter Outstanding Young Scientist Awards and Union Medals will be presented to the respective recipients, including citationists and response. We very much encourage everyone to come in honouring our EGU award recipients for 2011 in this gala ceremony. Refreshments will be served.

Exhibition at the EGU GA 2011

Have you visited the Exhibition at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011?

The exhibition is on the Ground (Yellow level) and the Gallery (First floor, green). Several of the exhibitors have presentations and events, see the Programme Book for more details.

One examples of a session from an exhibitor is Nature Publishing Group’s How to get published information session on Wednesday lunchtime (12:15-13:15) or the ESA Cocktail Reception (17:30, Hall A).

EGU Today Online

The newsletter of the EGU General Assembly: EGUToday is available online and is updated throughout the day.

Paper copies are also available within the Austria Center Vienna.

Splinter Meetings at EGU GA 2011

There are a variety of Splinter Meetings at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011. They are on a variety of topics from divison group meetings, project feedback and planning for other conferences. One such Splinter Meeting is today (Wednesday) SPM 1.1: Meeting of Young Researchers (MYRES) 2012 from 13:30-15:00 in SM 5. Here Anna Schneider (one of the SPM organisers) writes about the aims of their Splinter Meeting.

The organization team of the 4th MYRES workshop will be hosting a Splinter Meeting at EGU GA 2011 in order to find a follow-up group of young researchers who wants to organize the next MYRES workshop in 2012:Splinter Meeting 1.1: Meeting of Young Researchers (MYRES) 2012, SM 5, 04/06/2011, 13:30 – 15:00.

MYRES is an educational and community building effort with the goal of fostering open, unbiased, interdisciplinary, and international collaboration between researchers in the Earth Sciences. The main component of MYRES is a series of biannual four day workshops. The 4th MYRES Workshop “Structures and Processes of Initial Ecosystem Development” took place at the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, Germany, in September 2010. 23 participants from 10 nations worldwide used the opportunity to visit the meeting and to discuss their research with other earth scientists.

Now, the call for ideas and potential new convenors is open. We invite groups of interested young researchers in the Earth Sciences to propose topics for the next MYRES workshop in 2012 in the Splinter Meeting. The decision on the 5th MYRES workshop will then be made by an online voting. For more information, please visit the MYRES website.