Events for Young Scientists at EGU 2013

Short Courses Demystifying Open Access – an open discussion for early career researchers tackling how OA can benefit young scientists without compromising their careers. From what it costs to publish an open access paper to how we can measure its impact, all interested scientists are invited to drop in and join us over drinks in a marketplace of discussion. How to apply for a job. It’s a topic rar ...[Read More]

Become a book reviewer for the EGU newsletter!

Interested in free books and getting published? The European Geosciences Union has an opportunity for you… The Union’s newsletter, GeoQ, is a magazine distributed for free to all Union members – that’s around 12,000 scientists – and we’re looking for reviewers wiling to write short book reviews for it! Whether you are a young scientists or an established researcher in the Earth, planetary an ...[Read More]

Roundup of EGU Twitter Journal Club 4

The EGU’s Twitter Journal Club had its fourth virtual meeting yesterday, this time focusing on a paper from the journal Atmospheric Environment. The work examines methods of assessing contributions of individual emissions to ozone and hence to climate change. Read a full transcript of the discussion on our Storify page!  

EGU Twitter Journal Club: Article 3 – Tree-height data and carbon storage

It’s time for the third edition of the EGU’s Twitter Journal Club, our interactive online discussion about a timely scientific article. If you have not yet taken part in one of these discussions, read more about it in our introductory post and make sure to participate on this third edition!  This time, we will be discussing an article recently published in the EGU’s Open Access j ...[Read More]