EGU 2016: Get the Assembly mobile app!

The EGU 2016 mobile app is now available for iPhones and Android smartphones. To download it, you can scan the QR code available at the General Assembly website or go directly to on your mobile device. You will be directed to the version of the EGU 2016 app for your particular smartphone, which you can download for free. Once you open the app, the dashboard will show you fiv ...[Read More]

GeoCinema at the 2016 General Assembly

GeoCinema is the home of geoscience films at the EGU General Assembly. This year features 50 fantastic films from across the geosciences, so you can step into some soil science, dive into deep ocean investigations, catch a glimpse of climate change research and more! GeoCinema runs almost continuously throughout the conference, with short films, documentaries and feature length productions playing ...[Read More]

Communicate your Science Video Competition finalists 2016: time to get voting!

For the third year in a row we’re running the EGU Communicate Your Science Video Competition – the aim being for early career scientists to communicate their research in a short, sweet and public-friendly video. Our judges have now selected 3 fantastic finalists from the excellent entries we received this year and it’s time to find the best geoscience communication clip! The shortlisted videos wil ...[Read More]