General Assembly

GeoCinema at EGU GA 2010

This year, for the first time, we will have a GeoCinema at the EGU General Assembly. The schedule day by day is shown in the individual programme group schedules and below. Monday 10:00–10:30 Eric Sanderson pictures New York – before the City (duration: 17 minutes) 10:30–12:00 O. Borderie: Careers in Astronomy & Space (duration: 52 minutes 12:15–13:15 Roland Schlich: 365 days under Antarctic I ...[Read More]

Meet the EGU at GA 2010

A new introduction at this year’s European Geosciences Union General Assembly is the chance to meet with Division and other Major EGU Officials. This will take place at the EGU Booth, in the main entrance hall. Please come by to see your division leader, and discuss anything you want with them. Details can be found in the EGU meeting programme and below. Monday 11:00–12:00 Meet the EGU Divis ...[Read More]

Columns in EGU Today

From Dick van der Wateren and the editors of EGU Today We have recently seen the worst attack on science in ages. The hacking incident at the University of East Anglia set off a worldwide scandal, with climate scientists being accused of fraud and sceptics having a field day. Despite the complete and explicit rehabilitation of Phil Jones et al., the impression remains that scientists are dilly-dal ...[Read More]

Webstreaming at EGU GA 2010

Several events at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly are being webstreamed this year. There is a dedicated Webstream Site. The full list of events being streamed is available at the EGU 2010 website. All press conferences will be streamed. Please visit the EGU Media Portal for further schedule information. Both Great Debates in Geosciences are being webstreamed along with the Union Aw ...[Read More]