EGU GA 2015

EGU Awards and Medals 2015

x81a0617_egu_foto_pfluegl_140430.jpg__1280x99999_q85_subsampling-2Yesterday, the EGU announced the 35 recipients of next year’s Union Medals and Awards, Division Medals, and Division Outstanding Young Scientists Awards. The aim of the awards is to recognise the efforts of the awardees in furthering our understanding of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. The prizes will be handed out during the EGU 2015 General Assembly in Vienna on 12-17 April. Head over to the EGU website for the list of awardees.

Twelve out of the total 35 awards went to young scientists who are recognised for the excellence of their work in the early stages of their career. Eight of the awards were given at Division level but four young scientists were recognised at Union level, highlighting the quality of the research being carried out by the early career researcher community within the EGU.

As a student (be it at undergraduate, masters, or PhD level), at the EGU 2014 General Assembly, you might have entered the Outstanding Student Poster (OSP). A total of 49 poster contributions by young researchers were bestowed with a OSP award this year recognising the valuable and important work carried out by bugging geoscientists. Judges took into account not only the quality of the research presented in the posters, but also how the findings were communicated both on paper and by the presenters. Follow this link for a full list of awardees.

Further information regarding how to nominate a candidate for a medal and details on the selection of candidates can be found on the EGU webpages. For details of how to enter the OSP Award see the procedure for application, all of which takes place during the General Assembly, so it really couldn’t be easier to put yourself forward!

Apply now to take part in the 2015 GIFT workshop!

The General Assembly is not only for researchers but for teachers and educators with an interest in the geosciences also. Every year the Geosciences Information For Teachers (GIFT) is organised by the EGU Committee on Education to bring first class science closer to primary and high school teachers. The topic of the 2015 edition of GIFT is mineral resources and will be taking place on April 13–15 at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna, Austria.

The workshop will explore one of the most important challenges faced by modern society: access to raw materials, including base and strategic minerals, in a rapidly developing and growing world.

Mineral resources, the theme for this years GIFT workshop at the General Assembly

Mineral resources, the theme for this year’s GIFT workshop at the General Assembly

Teachers from Europe and around the world can apply to participate in the 2015 edition of GIFT, and to receive a travel and accommodation stipend to attend the workshop, by November 28. Application information is available for download in PDF format, a document which also includes the preliminary programme of the workshop.

Not sure what to expect? More information about GIFT workshops can be found in the GIFT section of the EGU website. You can also take a look at the post about the 2014 workshop at the GA and at some videos of the workshop videos from 2013.

Shape the scientific programme at the EGU 2015 General Assembly

Time is running out, so if you have a great idea for a conference session but haven’t quite put it into practice: now’s your chance!

Until this time next week (12th September) you can submit your session ideas and take part in organising the scientific programme for the EGU General Assembly in 2015.

What you need to do:

  1. Take a look at the sessions that have already been suggested within the Programme Group tab in the website – where does your idea fit in?
  2. Suggest a convenor for the session and provide a short description, outlining what the session will cover
  3. Suggest modifications to the skeleton programme
  4. Submit your ideas!

You can make session suggestions and find out more on the EGU 2015 website.

Outside the conference centre during EGU 2014

Outside the conference centre during EGU 2014