Dense rocks rise higher because isostasy says so

From space, the Brandberg Igneous Complex looks like a coffee-coloured birthmark set upon the bony complexion of the Namibian desert. Perfectly circular, its peaks soar in a ring of mighty topography, its massive granite cliffs etched with the muscular definition of spheroidal weathering. Its bulk seems to rise out of the barren landscape, driven upward by some unseen force. In fact, granite intru ...[Read More]

Call for abstracts: The 9th Alexander von Humboldt Conference

The Alexander von Humboldt Conference is part of the EGU’s Topical Conference Series, and will be taking place in Istanbul, Turkey (24 – 28 March 2014). The aim of the meeting is to open a forum on natural hazard events that have a high impact and a large destructive potential, focussing on the Euro-Mediterranean Region in particular. The theme for the conference can be broken down into nine broad ...[Read More]

Townhall and Splinter Meetings at EGU 2014

In addition to the wealth of scientific sessions at the General Assembly (27 April – 2 May 2014), there is also the option to attend other meetings during EGU 2014. These include Townhall and Splinter Meetings, which are organised by conference participants.  Townhall Meetings Townhall Meetings are meetings open for all participants in the conference. During these meetings new initiatives or decis ...[Read More]

EGU2014: Applying for financial support to attend the General Assembly

A limited amount of the overall budget of the EGU General Assembly is reserved to assist young scientists and established scientists from low and lower middle income countries who wish to present their work at the meeting. From 2005 to 2013, the total amount awarded grew from about €50k to €90k. For the 2014 General Assembly, the EGU has allocated €110k for financial support for scientists to atte ...[Read More]