EGU2013: Townhall and Splinter Meetings

Townhall Meetings Townhall Meetings are meetings open to all General Assembly participants where new initiatives or decisions are announced to a larger audience following an open discussion on the matter raised. Anyone may organize such a Townhall Meeting subject to approval by the Programme Committee chair. Townhall Meetings will be scheduled from Monday–Tuesday, 08–09 April 2013, and Thursday–Fr ...[Read More]

Meet EGU at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

Are you attending the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco 5th-9th December? If so come and visit the EGU booth in the Exhibition Hall Tuesday, 6 December – Thursday, 8 December 0930h – 1800h and Friday, 9 December 0930h – 1330h in Booth 1428, near the AGU Marketplace. You can search a map of the exhibition hall online. In attendance will be the Executive Secretary, the current Science Communications ...[Read More]

Submitting an abstract to EGU GA 2012

Writing Your Abstract Abstracts should be short (300–500 words), clear, concise and written in English with correct spelling and good sentence structure. Mathematical symbols and equations must be typed in, and metric symbols should be used. Figures and tables should not be included. We recommend that the abstract is carefully compiled and thoroughly checked, in particular with regard to the list ...[Read More]

Sand Dunes at EGU GA 2012

Several participants in the Geoblogsphere having been posting recently about sand dunes. Its part of Sand Dune Week declared on twitter by Brian Romans. Some of the posts are listed by Matthew Francis or find more by searching on twitter for “sand dune week”. There are three sessions at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012 directly related to sand dunes, these are liste ...[Read More]