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Laura Roberts-Artal

Laura Roberts Artal is the Outreach and Dissemination Manager at The Water Innovation Hub (University of Sheffield). Laura also volunteers as the Associate Director of Communications for Geology for Global Development. She has also held a role in industry as Marketing Manager for PDS Ava (part of PDS Group). Laura was the Communications Officer at the European Geosciences Union from the summer of 2014 to the end of 2017. Laura is a geologist by training and holds a PhD in palaeomagnetism from the University of Liverpool. She tweets at @LauRob85.

GeoCinema Online: Saturn and its Icy Moon

It is day three of the General Assembly in Vienna, there are no sessions directly relevant to your research scheduled in the programme for this afternoon and you would really like to take a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of the main scientific sessions. Where do you head? Down to the Basement (Blue Level) and to the GeoCinema, of course! GeoCinema has been a regular on the General Assem ...[Read More]

Imaggeo on Mondays: Fossil dunes

Desert winds continually rework the sands on their surface, shifting grains up the stoss side of a dune to pile the sand higher… until the pile gets too steep and collapses under its own weight. This slipping of material along the front of the dune, allows it to move forward and migrate. The movement of the sand grains up and over the crest of the dunes is recorded in the internal structure of the ...[Read More]

EGU has a new Science Communication Officer!

Meet the newest member of EGU’s communications team, Laura Roberts Artal! Laura will manage GeoLog and the EGU blog network, run our social media channels, and continue developing EGU’s networking activities for young scientists. It is a warm and relatively sunny day in Munich and I’ve just started as the new Communications Officer at the EGU! Some of you may recognise me, as I’ve been blogging as ...[Read More]