Solar-Terrestrial Sciences

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The impacts of space weather on the mid-latitude upper atmosphere

The upper atmosphere of Earth is constantly being impacted by the flow of charged particles being released from the sun. This flow (the solar wind) carries with it a magnetic field which distorts and reshapes that of Earth, ultimately resulting in a large amount of electromagnetic space weather energy being channelled into the polar regions. One of the most frequently observed outcomes of this pro ...[Read More]

Meet the Early Career Scientists team of our division!

Hi, this is your ST-ECS team. We are a group of Early Career Scientists (ECSs) of the Solar-Terrestrial (ST) division, and we enjoy organizing events and activities with and for ST-ECS, both during the EGU General Assembly and throughout the year. Our aim is to increase the visibility of ECSs and provide you with opportunities for networking. Currently the team is formed by: Dr. Maxime Grandin Max ...[Read More]