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GMPV Outside Academia: a Panel Discussion of EGU Campfires – March 16 @ 13:00 CET

GMPV Outside Academia: a Panel Discussion of EGU Campfires – March 16 @ 13:00 CET

The Early Career Scientists (ECS) Committee of the GMPV Division is excited to present the new Campfires’ session ‘GMPV Outside Academia’!

Join us at lunchtime for a virtual panel discussion with four amazing panellists!

The panel discussion will be held on

Wednesday 16th March at 13pm CET on Zoom.

Our four panellists are:

    1. Rebecca Paisley – Exploration Geochemist for Cornish Lithium.
    2. Robin George Andrews – Freelance Science Journalist.
    3. Sarah Henton d’Angelis – Freelance Editor for Tornillo Scientific.
    4. Emily Mason – Consultant for Element Energy.


Panel Discussion | Agenda:

  • 13:00 – 13:10 CET: Introduction from the GMPV ECS committee / Interactive survey with the attendees.
  • 13:10 – 13.30 CET: Brief introduction from the panellists.
  • 13.30 – 14.30 CET: Panel Discussion.
  • 14.30 – 15:00 CET: Questions from the attendees / Round Table.

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Talk attendance is by registration only.

About the panellists:

Rebecca is an Exploration Geochemist for Cornish Lithium, she holds a PhD in Earth & Planetary Sciences from McGill University, Canada, and master’s degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford, UK. She specialises in using geochemical data to constrain sub-surfaces processes in a variety of geological environments. Rebecca joined Cornish Lithium to assist with developing the geochemical side of their exploration efforts, and currently designs and implements the geothermal waters sampling strategies for their drill programs. She also manages Cornish Lithium’s direct lithium extraction (DLE) work package, evaluating different technologies and their abilities to process Cornish geothermal fluids.

Robin is perpetually curious and often ridiculous. He’s a doctor of experimental volcanology (blew stuff up for science) a full-time, freelance, award-winning science journalist (rearranges letters for money), an award-winning photographer (takes photographs that aren’t awful), a scientific consultant (tells people how to do science right), an occasional lecturer (rearranges letters and says them aloud for money), a public speaker (rearranges letters and says them aloud, sometimes for free), and a frequent explain-how-volcanoes-work TV guest (gesticulates wildly on live television). His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, National Geographic, Scientific American, Quanta Magazine, Vox, Nature, Science Magazine, Earther, Gizmodo, Forbes, The Verge, Atlas Obscura, New Scientist, Supercluster, Discover Magazine, WIRED, CNN, the Guardian, the Observer, The Times, The Daily Beast, and elsewhere.

Sarah completed my PhD in Experimental Petrology and Volcanology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (with the Alaska Volcano Observatory). She graduated in 2012 and moved directly into a post-doctoral position at the University of Liverpool. Sarah worked within the university for 5 years, both as a post-doc and later as a laboratory manager and technician. She also worked for some time as a geologist for the British Government. She started freelancing outside of academia while she was still working at the university (in around 2015/6), and made the move to be permanently self employed in 2018. Sarah is currently the Managing Director of her own company (Tornillo Scientific).

Emily finished her PhD in volcanology at the University of Cambridge in 2021 and now works as a consultant for a low-carbon energy consultancy, Element Energy (an ERM group company). During her PhD, Emily took the opportunity to take some time out to do a policy-related internship for three months. After finishing her PhD, Emily worked for the University of Cambridge’s Sustainability Team and Cambridge Zero, on sustainability policy and strategy, before starting work at Element Energy.

The GMPV Campfires Team is looking forward to seeing lots of you there!

We’re looking for new speakers! No matter what career stage you are at, we want to hear about your science. You can sign up to give a live GMPV ECS talk in one of our future events using this google form.

You can also give us FEEDBACK on any of our talks here

Marine Boulanger (Université Clermont Auvergne), Giulia Consuma (The University of Western Australia), Marco Knüver (University of Bari), Veronica Peverelli (University of Bologna), Anne Sturm (Universität Heidelberg), Fernanda Torres (Ruhr Universität Bochum), Naomi Tücker (The University of Western Australia).

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