Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology

GMPV ECS online talks: Wednesday 17th February 4pm CET

GMPV ECS online talks: Wednesday 17th February 4pm CET

The 8th edition of the Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology and Volcanology division’s early career scientists talks (a part of the EGU Campfires) will be on Wednesday 17th February 4pm CET!


Our speakers are:

Andres Sandoval (PhD Student @ University of Palermo) –  The composition of fluids stored in the Central Mexican lithospheric mantle: inferences for noble gases and CO2 in mantle xenoliths

Monika Rusiecka (Postdoc @ Insitut des Sciences de la Terre d’Orleans ISTO) – Nucleation delay in felsic systems

Jesse Walters (Postdoc @ Goethe Universität) – Chalcophile and siderophile element recycling in subduction zones: Constraints from high-pressure metamorphic rocks

Kis Boglárka-Mercedesz (Lecturer @ Babes-Bolyai University) – Gas emissions on a long dormant volcano. A case study of Ciomadul volcano, Eastern Carpathians, Romania


Talk attendance is by registration only and you can register here.

You can also register in advance for our upcoming talks in March in one of our previous blog posts.

Looking forward to seeing lots of you there!

We’re looking for new speakers! No matter what career stage you are at, we want to hear about your science. You can sign up to give a live GMPV ECS talk in one of our future events using this google form.

You can also give us FEEDBACK on any of our talks here.


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Franziska Keller is PhD student at the Institute for Geochemistry and Petrology, at ETH Zürich. Her current work focuses on the understanding of long-term petrological cycles in silicic calderas of Japan applying different petrological and geochronological techniques.

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