International Workshop on Urban Geomorphological Heritage

International Workshop on Urban Geomorphological Heritage

University of Rome, 27-29 October 2016

Co-organised by the University of Rome La Sapienza (Roma 1), the University of Modena e Reggio Emilia and the University of Lausanne, under the auspices of the Working Group on Geomorphosites of International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG) and the Italian Association of Physical Geography and Geomorphology (AIGEO), this workshop aims at sharing research and methods on urban geomorphological heritage

The workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • geomorphological analysis in urban environment
  • methodologies for the assessment and mapping of urban geomorpho-sites
  • urban geotourism
  • interpretation and popularization of urban geomorphosites
  • relationships between cultural and geomorphological heritage in cities
  • conservation of geoheritage and urban growth
  • geoheritage and urban planning

Thursday 27 October 2016
Intensive Course “Methods for the analysis of urban geomorphology and geomorphological heritage”

Friday 28 October 2016
Workshop “Research and methods on urban geomorphological heritage”

Saturday 29 October 2016
Fieldtrip “The geomorphological heritage of Rome”

Deadline for abstract submission (one A4 page): 31 May 2016
to Christelle Monnet, University of Lausanne


Please click here for more information.

Looking forward to receiving your abstracts and to meeting in Roma!

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Sabine Kraushaar works as postdoc in the ENGAGE Group at the University of Vienna (Geomorphological Systems and Risk Research). Her research until now included soil erosion studies, geochemical sediment fingerprinting and sediment transport modelling in northern Jordan.

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