6th Young Geomorphologists’ Day in Cagliari/ Sardinia

6th Young Geomorphologists’ Day in Cagliari/ Sardinia

The Italian Young Geomorphologists represented by Irene Bollati and Francesca Vergari invite you to join their event in September 2015.

We are happy to announce the 6th Young Geomorphologists’ Day that will be held in Cagliari (Sardinia,  Italy) on 29th September 2015. The Event is specifically dedicated to young geomorphologists’, for sharing results of their scientific researches. Any contribution in the field of geomorphology are welcomed. A special session will be dedicated to badlands geomorphology.

The conference fieldtrip will bring you to discover the granitic landscapes of Sardinia! All the info are included in the flyer downloadable below and on the event website where you can download also the abstract form and where you can register too (

For any question don’t hesitate to contact us at 6th.ygday.2015@gmail.comWe are waiting for your contributions.

See you in Cagliari!

– Irene Bollati, University degli Studi in Milan

& Francesca Vergari, University “La Sapienza” in Rome –

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Sabine Kraushaar works as postdoc in the ENGAGE Group at the University of Vienna (Geomorphological Systems and Risk Research). Her research until now included soil erosion studies, geochemical sediment fingerprinting and sediment transport modelling in northern Jordan.

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