Presentation and data of EGU2015 workshop available online

Presentation and data of EGU2015 workshop available online

Wolfgang Schwanghart from the Universtiy of Potsdam gave an excellent workshop on how to analyse your DEM with Matlab at the EGU last week. He posted some information for you in case of interest.

Session GM11.3 of this year’s EGU hosted a workshop on TopoToolbox and bedrock river profile analysis. In case you were unable to attend the
meeting or the session, but are interested in this topic, you may want
to download the presentation and data on:

At the same time you may want to comment here on future topics in geomorphometry that could be workshop theme at the EGU General Assembly in 2016.

– Wolfgang Schwanghart, University Potsdam – 

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Sabine Kraushaar works as postdoc in the ENGAGE Group at the University of Vienna (Geomorphological Systems and Risk Research). Her research until now included soil erosion studies, geochemical sediment fingerprinting and sediment transport modelling in northern Jordan.

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